“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us”  Virginia Satir
This week’s ICO/pre-sale to watch has attracted high interest on ICO Drops. Hedera Hashgraph wants to create the trust layer for the internet using the Swirlds hashgraph consensus algorithm which promises to be faster and fairer than current consensus mechanisms. Its service enables users to collaborate and transact online securely without the need for a trusted intermediary.
2018 year to date ICO investment review

Based on the year to date ICO funding, 2018 is already on pace to surpass the blockbuster fund raising environment in 2017, despite the regulatory uncertainities. Based on the calculations by research firm, Autonomous, a total of $7.5bn was invested in the crypto startups year to date vs $7.9bn for all of 2017. The fund raising is dominated by mega ICO raises like Telegram’s $1.7bn and EOS’s $1.64bn. Even without these mega ICOs, the fund raising activity is still on track to surpass 2017.

The cryptocurrency market had a strong week – up 20% during the week and up 30% from its 2018 lows in early April. Market participants expect the rally to continue as the tax selling and a hash of negative regulatory headlines seemed to be priced in.
BTC’s market dominance is at 42% of total crypto market cap – down from its recent highs of 47%, on the strong rally in the overall crypto space.
Top 5 coins by market cap %

Top 5 gainers last week – in top 100 coins. Alt coins had a big week recovering from their lows for 2018 in early April.

Top 5 laggards last week – in top 100 coins. The strength of the rally is seen here as even the weakest performers were up for the week.
Get “DApp”er!
DApp is short for decentralized application. A DApp has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network compared to a traditional app like Twitter running on centralized servers.
DApp needs to meet all of these criteria:
  1. Open Source – Source code of app is available to all.
  2. Decentralized – Uses a blockchain-like cryptographic technology.
  3. Incentive – App has crypto-tokens/digital assets for fueling itself.
  4. Algorithm/Protocol – Generates tokens and has an inbuilt consensus mechanism.
Tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of primary or Type I DApps. The applications that are built on Ethereum blockchain like Origin Protocol (which enables sharing economy) are examples of Type II DApps. There are DApps like Bee Token (decentralized AirBNB model) that run on the Origin platform – which are examples of Type III DApps. While there are more than 1,000 DApps deployed currently, mass adoption is going to take a while.
We are planning a workshop on Ethereum smart contracts and DApps on Apr 30th in San Francisco. Details here

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